Passerby: So which school did you enrol your son into?

Me: Oh, the best school. These teachers see their students as their own. They focus on them 100% and allow them to follow their own interests, but also give them a firm foundation of which to make their choices. There is no set schedule however, so the children aren’t rushed out the door first thing in the morning. The school begins when they are ready. They can start the day slowly and take their time.

Passerby: That sounds like an unusual school. How could they possibly not have a schedule? Which school is this?

Me: The best private school. It costs so much but it’s worth it. They begin their day by waking up slowly and taking their time. Then their environment is set with classical music, as they enter a comfortable homely room to sit, meditate and reflect. After this, they can draw, play lego, whatever takes their fancy until breakfast is ready.

After breakfast, there is a quiet and leisurely walk to the park, where the kids are allowed to run (some want to run as fast as they can, some want to jog), learn to catch a ball and hit it, and have fun with the dogs that they see from their neighbours. There is a nice little play in the park, as they enjoy time with each other.

As they walk leisurely back to school, the teacher dedicates time to their reading, writing and general learning, but the teacher has also altered the curriculum to fit in any personal interests the children have. And it is tailored to each student. So if one student wants to learn about planets, and another wants to learn about ballet, both are catered for individually.

Passerby: Wow. How does the teacher get time to do that? Isn’t that difficult to do?

Me: Most definitely. Most teachers care for their students, but this particular teacher cannot stop dedicating time, effort and love to her students. Mind you, this school is so exclusive, this teacher only has three students to concentrate on.

Passerby: Wow. The school fees must be extensive then.

Me: Yes they are. Where was I? After the learning element, the children are allowed to indulge in free play… for about 4 hours. If they are interested in any particular sport or music activity, then the teacher takes them to individual classes. Two days a week is purely for socialisation. These days, no official teaching takes place, and the children get to play and socialise freely with their friends. Their friends are not just friends of their age, but all across the ages.

Passerby: This sounds so unusual. How about testing? Are the children tested?

Me: Not unless it is a topic that they want to excel in. If one of the children is interested in excelling in dance or piano, then exams are necessary, however, not if the testing takes away from the joy of learning that topic. The main aim of this school is to ensure the children have a heart for the community and enjoy learning.

Passerby: Heart for the community? How?

Me: Well, the children are taken to see the homeless, the elderly in nursing homes, at least once a week for the entire  year. Several mission trips to overseas third world countries are scheduled to open the eyes of the children to the world-wide community.

Passerby: How much does this cost?

Me: It costs an entire career. It costs the salary of one full time working career. It costs all the spare time you have. It costs you free time.

Passerby: … I don’t understand. Why would it cost you that?

Me: Because this exclusive school can sometimes be looked down upon, when you call it homeschool. But in fact, it is an exclusive private school, so exclusive that only my three children can be a part of it.

See your homeschool as more than “just” a homeschool.
It is an elite, personalised, private school that only allows very few children to enter.

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