This is why I am choosing to homeschool my children.

Today, my son asked me about a zillion questions on every single topic that interests him. Trucks. Bridges. Crocodiles. Mountains. Planets.

But what really struck me was this question.

“Mummy, who created God?”

My answer: “Oh, well, what I believe is that God always existed. And one day, he decided to create the universe.”


Me: “The world has been debating that for as long as it has existed. Some say the Bible is as it says, 6 days. Some say it took millions of years.”

Then, this is the question that stopped me in my tracks.

“Mummy, did God create man or man create God?”

And this was my reply, “Son, I love you. You have the wisest and most intelligent mind. I love your thinking. It honestly impresses me.  You really make me smile. I cannot believe how amazing your are.

To answer your question, I believe that God created man. And that those men who were touched by God wrote about him in a book called the Bible.

But you are amazingly wise, my son.”

Having the freedom to be, think and express, has allowed him to think like this.

He is special to me, but to the world, he isn’t anyone exceptional. He isn’t an extrovert. He isn’t a talker. He is frightened of crowds and too much stimulation. Some people say he’s slow. He can’t read very well. But his writing and maths are exceptional.

But at least he knows today, that I think the world of him. And he learnt today, that he is wise.