This week was a very interesting week.

We had 35 degrees (Celsius) one day, and 18 degrees the next. One day it was so hot, the ground was burning, then another day, so wet and cold that indoor activities were in order (although my children did dance in the rain whilst sick.)

We had coughing, blocked noses, rashes, throwing up, fevers, and a 23-month-old doing about 10 poos a day due to sickness. What. A. Week.

But the amazing thing was that it didn’t seem to stop their enthusiasm for learning, absorbing and their sheer curiosity of life. You have to love homeschooling when minor sicknesses don’t seem to stop the flow of learning, because they are absolutely loving what they are learning.

My son is currently into bugs. It was crocodiles last week. But this week, it’s all about bugs. We borrowed a book from the library, and we have read it 10 times a day for the last three days. He has started to draw them, copy them from the book, draw them from memory, and now wants to know what distinguishes them. The number of legs, wings or no wings, what they do, why we need them; all these facts that make life so interesting for him right now. We have been studying this book and our garden for about 5-7 hours a day for the last 3 days. (To be honest, I’m quite creeped out at the feel of worms, but I love my son).  Different insects come out when it’s raining/cold than when it’s dry/hot.

My daughter has always been into princesses. As much as I am trying to get her to focus on things that are not related to princesses, I have to say that her motivation for princesses has allowed her to focus on mathematics and letter recognition for 5 hours today. 5 hours. With no break. She is 3. I wanted her to take a break, but she wouldn’t have a bar of it. She kept going. Sitting there.

We had a book of stickers (2000 stickers) of princesses, and I asked her to count them out from 1 to 10. So number 1 would be Mulan, then 2 of Aurora, 3 Belle and so on. We got to 25. She looked for the stickers (out of 2000). She found them (attention to detail). She took the stickers out of the book (fine motor skills), and she counted them herself (math). She put the stickers in a row together as she counted them out (find motor skills). She did this for 5 hours (patience and concentration span).

My 23 month old son joined in all of our songs and games, but as the other two were busy in their “work”, I played with him, tickled him and entertained him… for about 5 hours.

So even though they were sick, it was a very pleasant week.

We have also started reading the Bible together in the morning. We use “Step into the Bible” by Ruth Graham. It’s an excellent resource and we use this either at Breakfast time or Dinner time, when the family is together. In a busy family, sometimes we find this is the only time we get together to do any Bible reading. So this resource has really helped us.

That’s our week!