My son doesn’t like copy work so much. He is fantastic at maths and sciences, but doesn’t quite appreciate the beauty of a beautifully written letter or prose put together well.  So his copy work will be extremely simple. A letter a day, a number a day (or 10 numbers a day when he has a handle of things).

So I’ve developed this for him. Hope you find it useful.

Here’s a free copy of some Copy Work for a 5 to 6 year old. Click here to download.
Copy Work Foundation Year

This Copy Work is for every letter in the Alphabet, numbers from 1 to 100, and is developed using the Manuscript style for Victorian Fonts.

It has lines to guide the children, and as the children are young, I have left shadowing and arrows on all the print work, rather than letting the child write it out themselves. The reasoning is to allow the child to perfect the hand written work for each letter.

If there are any issues, please feel free to contact me or leave a message in the comments.