This week we have been visiting a nursing home. We visited them twice over this Easter period. Whilst some people might find this daunting and awkward, children seem to take it in their stride, and talk to people very naturally. Miss 3 went up to all the residents who were sitting down for their afternoon tea, and just said hi. Her smile, her laughter and a simple touch of the hand; it seemed to light up their world.

I saw her walking around, no fear and no apprehension, just pure friendship and love. I knew that I had to somehow incorporate at least a weekly visit to the nursing home. This was not just a blessing for the residents, it was a pure blessing for her too. This showed her a piece of her identity, and showed her how she could very simply make someone else happy.

Mr. 5 has been on a learning bender. He learnt about the inside of the Saturn V Rocket, human body (skeleton and parts), gardening, the stories of Genesis and Exodus, and how to write several words like pirate, ship, gold, treasure, cranium, maxilla and mandible. The amazing thing about this learning he did… it was all self initiated. He wanted to learn it. He came up to me and asked me these questions.

I am amazed at the curiosity of little children and how they are capable of so much, because they want to.

We also went through 2kg of playdoh, painted 3 times, and lots of other creative activities that includes stickers and glitter. Somehow, I never learn, but glitter is an OUTDOOR activity.

And that’s this week’s program!