When I first starting planning for homeschooling about 2.5 years ago, I thought that the most important thing I could teach my children was how to pray. I felt that if they had a relationship with God that was produced on a firm foundation, that their actions, desires and choices would all have a sounding board from the Bible itself. Most importantly, I wanted them to know how precious they are to God, who created them.

However, hearing the simple prayers of children today, this is what I heard:

Miss 3:
Dear God
Thank you for the trees and birds.
I want to make people happy.
I am scared of bugs. Don’t tell my brother. (Who was next to her during prayer).

Mr 5:
Dear God
Thank you for the planets and all the stars.
I want to make you (God) proud of me.
I’m not scared… well, maybe of bee stings.

What profoundly struck me is that when they asked for what they wanted, they didn’t ask for a drum kit, telescope, magic clip dolls, Disney princesses to come to life etc. Usually when we pray as adults, we ask for carparks, or health, or to save something, or to get a job, or to help us with exams, or just help me through the poo of life.

But they prayed to make people happy. They wanted God to be proud of them. How profound. And how beautiful child-like.

No wonder God loved the children, and welcomed them. They adored him, and revered Him with a natural wonder. They have a natural born respect for the awesomeness of God.

So maybe they can teach me something about how to pray to our God.