So although I write about a lot of things that go right, we also have those days that don’t go well.

Tuesday was one such day.

Mr. 1 didn’t sleep well, and ended up sleeping in my bed, on my head.

Miss 3 had to see a specialist for her eyes. (She’s fine by the way).

And Mr. 5 just didn’t want to read that day, and didn’t want to do any math. He just wanted to hug.

We said we would skip the day.

Most days, we get through the set work (which takes 45 mins) and high five when they finally get something (instant recognition for hard work). Most days we have about 9 hours of learning based on cooking, gardening, playful self-initiated learning and socialisation.

But some days, you just need to curl up, hug away the clouds, read a tonne of books and watch Octonauts. And bake cup cakes.

A perfect unperfect day.