I really dislike the word ‘hard‘ in hard work.  From the outset, it plagues the notion of working hard with difficulty, almost -immediate procrastination and misery.

I have sometimes struggled with the notion myself, and I’ve never wanted to call myself lazy, but sometimes, if there is an easier option, I might just take it. Unfortunately, important life lessons aren’t going to be taught if we always choose the easier option.

Someone once said that Success comes from Talent yes, but Hard Work is what makes it happen.

Mr. 5 is (in my humble opinion) brilliant when it comes to Maths. He can do addition without counting all the way up to his 20s, he can subtract, and he is starting to memorise the patterns of times tables. Maths is easy for him. The concepts just come to him. Show him once or twice, and he’s got it. He likes it.

Mr. 5 however, use to struggle with phonics. And yes, I understand he is 5. Not 8.

But he tells me he wants to learn how to read… so he can pick up a book called ‘Captain Underpants’ and read it himself. So he has the motive… But he has realised that it is actually not easy.

He tells me its hard.

And I empathise, and agree. But here it is. If you work hard and push through, each day will get easier. And once you have it, if you keep at it, and work hard, you will master it. 

We have said to him, sometimes in life, you have to do the things you don’t want to.

Mr. 5 admires daddy going to work everyday with a smile, even though sometimes he doesn’t want to. It’s difficult being out the door at 6.30am and back home by 6.30pm. It’s difficult being away from the family for so long and sometimes not seeing them because you work late. But why does he do it? He does it because he works hard, and because he loves us. He works so we have food, shelter, and security. He does it because he loves you.

Hard work is necessary in achieving goals. Goals are set, and you go for them. Sometimes they are easy. But most of the time, if the goal is important enough, it will require hard work. 

So lets aim for those Captain Underpants books!


And just to finish off, here we have Mr. 1 (nearly 2) loving the vacuuming. This has nothing to do with the post, I just thought you might enjoy how cute he is.