How many homeschoolers out there have pets? How many have more than one?

My poor son has been begging me for a pet since he was 3. He’s now about to turn 6.

We went to a pet store that stocks only locally bred puppies from reputable breeders.  We only went to have a look, with the promise that once Mr. nearly 2 is out of nappies, that a puppy would be imminent.

So why do us parents do this! Why do we go into a pet store, show our children the puppies, and then say to them, we have to walk away now, because the timing isn’t right? Someone put a “I’m not too bright” sticker on my forehead. 

Mr. 5 fell in love. He picked out the one puppy, and they both fell in love with each other. Two hours of cuddling, feeding, playing, (peeing and pooing), and the puppy fell asleep on his shoulder.

It took all of my strength not to take out the credit card and say “We’ll take it!”

But part of any household, is teaching our kids that we sometimes have to prepare, in order to fully enjoy the experiences in life. And patience really can be a virtue, even if it feels horrible to let something go that you really want. (Or it could just be me trying to justify making my poor son miss his dog at the store, which he named “Rufus”)Alex 1

So… our laundry door needs a doggy door to get to the outside. Our backyard needs a designated “Poo Area”. We need a kennel on the outside, a bed on the inside, a place or a play pen for the dog. It’s a lot when you have to rush…. But when you have until Christmas to get it done, it’s a fantastic project.

So lets get our house ready for this dog, and enjoy it when we’re ready.

It’s only a matter of time now Mr. 5… Watch. This. Space.