It is with sadness that I announce that I am unable to continue homeschooling. Due to financial issues in the home, I have had to start looking for work, which means that the homeschooling has to stop.
Please don’t judge me. I really loved homeschooling my children and honestly wanted it to be the way I raised my children.
But as much as I love my children and the quality of family love they receive in the family home, I also have to be a mother and wife to my family, and do what I must.
I have been contemplating homeschooling since Mr. 5 turned 3. It has been an incredible journey for me, and I always felt that it could be a way forward for us.
However, the nature of my husband’s work is that there are times when work is abundant and free flowing, and other times, it other times not so abundant.  For me to homeschool my children and give them the quality of education and love that I envisaged, I need to be absolutely fair. And to be fair to my entire family, which includes my husband, I need to work full time.
I am sad, and Mr.5 was sad when we had our daily quality alone time today. He said he would miss me. And it made cry but I smiled to him. I said to him that not only has this time been wonderful, but that it has taught me so much.
It taught me how much quality time means to our family. I promised each of my children 30 mins alone time each day. I promised that Saturdays will be filled with family fun activities, not filled with having to rush here and there to activities.  This made him smile…
So off to school he goes.
And off to work I go. Part time at first, then full time eventually.
I want to thank you all for your support and love during my journey. I am still absolutely pro-homeschooling. And hope that you will still involve me in all your homeschooling conversations, because in everything, you are all the brave ones. You are all so wonderful, brave, and have taught me a new and wonderful way in which to love my children.
To you all, I thank you.