So you might take the homeschool out of the routine… but you can never take the homeschool out of the heart of a homeschooling mum.  I simply cannot help it.

So in the hour at breakfast, every morning for the past 5 weeks, I have experimented with something wonderful! I’m so excited that it’s working that I can’t even write anything witty before I just blurt it out. So here it goes.

Whilst we have breakfast, I have asked my kids to listen to me as I teach them how to read. How? Here’s how.

  1. I ask Husband to run around at breakfast time and make breakfast… This gives me time to sit with the kids and be still…
  2. As the kids are sitting having breakfast, I grab my huge pieces of paper (butcher paper from Ikea for $6.99 a roll. So worth it!) and start to teach them phonics, blending, maths and counting, times tables etc…

In the time I homeschooled, 7 weeks, and the past 5 weeks back at school, Mr. 5 has learnt:

  1. How to spend time with God, and that prayer is not always a time where we give God a list…
  2. Family time is important and crucial
  3. HOW. TO READ. Praise the Lord hallelujah! You could see Mr. 5’s face as he finally REALISED HE COULD READ!
  4. Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, 11s and the times table associated with it.
  5. How to write, copy and how to write SLOWLY so you get it right, not rushing.
  6. When any child asks to read a book, mummy will never ever say no… ever.

I have left the creative element to the Kindergarten that Mr. 5 is attending, but he ultimately brings home ideas that he developed at Kinder and raids our recycle box to complete projects. Love it.

So how to I feel about things now. A bit more confident than I did before.

I have enrolled Mr. 5 to the local faith based primary school, which is walking distance from our house.

There is not much that sets me a part from “school-based” mums. I never began this journey to be different. I began this journey to do what I felt was right for my children. But having to explore what is right for our family has changed our route slightly.

However, I love them so deeply, and I miss them during the school times. And I am already planning our lives when the school holidays come. Something has changed in my heart and my mind.

Before when I decided homeschooling was what I wanted to do, I knew it was because I wanted to be involved in every single aspect of their education, but more it was because I wanted to be involved in every single aspect of their lives; the lives that only stay so young and trusting for such a short time.

Now, I realise that even though they go to school and aren’t homeschooled, I can still be involved in ever single aspect of their lives… just by being present, available and willing… when they are with me. 

Children, when you see my eyes, all I want you to see, is “I am here for you.”

Children, when you feel my hugs, all you need to know is, “You are not alone.”

Children, when you see my smile, know that I am always happy. You make me proud.

Children, when you see me, all I want you to know, is that I love you.