Why have I decided to homeschool? Well heres a list of things I don’t want.

I don’t want my children to change who they are to fit into a system that has to standardise subjects and and teaching methods to ensure the majority is favoured.

I don’t want my children’s learning to be based on tests, and only learning that there is one answer to every question, and every other attempt is not only looked down upon, but wrong. Failures and mistakes are a necessary for the successes to be realised. Creativity should be celebrated, not discouraged.

I do not want my children to miss happy, fun and sunny days outside because of a classroom and time tables. Children should enjoy these times and naturally learn how to make one’s soul, happy. Mental health is so important to children. Why deny them of this to teach them something through rote?

I do not want my children to have to face very tough emotional battles inside them when they are so young, on their own. I want to hold them, guide them and help them feel safe, until such time they are ready to face these battles on their own.

I do not want my children to ever question the fact that I love them more than myself. When they grow older, face difficult situations and tough times, I want them to know that I was always there for them, and know that I am not chasing any other ideal than for them to know who they are, have centred-secure confidence and know their path to their own happiness.

My children are not a number on a ratings system. I did not decide to have children because I wanted a smart kid, or a doctor or the best child in this or that.

My children are here because I wanted them to be. Because I was blessed enough to conceive a child, grow them, give birth to them… then hold them through life, seeing them face their fears and celebrate their wins, only slowly letting go of them when they were completely ready. When they were ready to sleep on their own (my 2 year old still isn’t), ready to crawl, walk, independently do many things… But at every single moment to feel supported and loved by the one who created them… me. Because only then will they know they can face this world, and grab life by the horns and create a very fulfilling life…

Now that’s what I want.