There are times when I am quite sick of the way children want more and more and more. I am slightly disgusted by the need for more, and the inability to be thankful for what you have, or be grateful for the services of others.

As much as I want my children to excel and educate themselves, by far the best reason to homeschool is to open up their world to be wider than the world they currently experience.

To go to a place where children do not visit shops every single week, do not know what a toy store is, and do not ask for more, because there is no ‘more’ to give.

To go to a place where children work hard to better the family, because going to school means that this family would be one income less, and would have less to eat.

To go to a place where families stick together because they work together to ensure that the family survives. To fight together, to stick together and to appreciate each other.

To go to a place where the lack of material things has allowed a spring of joyfulness and happiness to explode when even the littlest things are appreciated.

To go to a place where we are not surrounded by the betterment of just our child with weekly activities, lessons, sporting and dance activities, but with togetherness brought out by poverty and difficulty…

Open the eyes of our children to the world, so that maybe even if they cannot change the whole world, they can change their world… they can change their family’s… they can change their community’s… 

We recently have been talking to a wonderful doctor/midwife who works out of Africa, and the prospect of bringing our little family to Africa for an extended trip to help the children there… is like a seed that has just been planted in our little homeschool journey.

And if this seed grows into a plant, then a tree, then a forest… I know how special this journey will truly be.