It seems to be part of my personality to write lists. I think I was born with a post it note pad in hand, because I live off them, and I live off lists, lists and more lists.

So, in order to have 2017 ready, I’m writing down my thoughts, my plan and the curriculum so that I can share my journey. It may seem like a lot, but from what I have experienced, homeschooling has allowed this family to explore a world opened up by a learning style that knows no limits or bounds.

The aim of all this is to provide Mr. 6, Miss 4 and Mr. 2…

A nurturing, gentle and beautiful environment whereby they are able to have their eyes opened to the world, but also explore the world inside them.

God, family and the community will drive this homeschool. Self awareness, self acceptance and self discovery will be important factors in creating our daily rhythm. 

So, mainly for Mr. 6, here is the plan for 2017, which incidentally begins after Christmas so we can go on holidays in February… when most people are at school – Yay!

Daily Plan:
After Breakfast and a slow start…
1. Worship, Devotion and Prayer together as a family
2a. English – Writing, Reading, Grammar and Spelling (not all in one day, this is the section for it)
2b. Math – Saxon Math Grade 1 and Grade 2
Snack time and rest
3. History or Science (Today, Mr. 6 was interested in the Gunpowder Plot and we are still on Whales)
4a. Reading Together – Fun Reading
4b. Active Listening – Lying down and listening to a novel story
4c. Active Listening – Classical Music Song for mindfulness and relaxation
Free Play for 2 hours
5. Park, Run, Sporting Activities
6. Cooking with mum
Read, Read, Read before Bed

Housework will be worked into this mix and performed together with the children. To aid them to learn about money, they will be paid 50 cents for each time they help.
House work tasks can include:
1. Emptying dishwasher
2. Hang up, gather and fold washing
3. Washing and wiping down benches, sink tops, windows
4. Vacuum and steam mop

Weekly Plan:
Monday – Homeschool Coop
Tuesday – Daily Plan Above
Wednesday – Daily Plan Above
Thursday – Daily Plan Above and 3DArts Class
Friday – Daily Plan Above and Family Night Out/Movie Night
Saturday – Sports/Dance Classes and points 1. and 2a/2b above, Catch up with friends
Sunday – Church and family day

Field Trip List:
1. Melbourne Zoo
2. Melbourne Museum
3. Sherbrooke Forest
4. Scienceworks and Planetarium
5. City Community Walk (homeless and soap vans) (4 times a year at least)
6. Nursing Homes (4 times a year at least)
7. Symphony Orchestra Children’s sessions
8. Sporting Events (Tennis, Football etc)
9. Immigration Museum
10. Healesville Sanctuary
11. Farms and Farm Stays
12. Interstate or Overseas Travel

Free Time List of To Do’s:
Usually Mr. 6 won’t need any assistance in this area, as he loves making things from our recycle box, but here’s a list of fun activities I have planned for, and also planned for Miss 4 and Mr. 2 as I try and educate Mr. 6 on topics that may not be interesting to them:
1. Play dough, Goopy Goop, Kinetic Sand
2. Sensory Play with rice, sand, pebbles and other pretty things
3. Paints, water colours, oil paints, pastels, pencils
4. Wooden Construction with real nails and tools
5. Free play in our garden with their own gardening patch
6. Supervised Water Play
7. Puppet Play
8. Basically, free time to do whatever they want!

The Curriculum
Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Reading
First Language Lessons 1
Writing with Ease 1
Spelling Workout A

Saxon Math 1 (nearly complete at November 2016)
Saxon Math 2

Kingfisher History Encyclopaedia
DK History
Story of the World – The Ancients
D’aulaire’s Book of Green Myths

DK First Human Body
Green Thumbs
DK The Animal Book

Composers for Classical Active Listening
Anyone else that strikes our fancy

And get this. Mr. 6 wanted a uniform. I told him he could have anything he wanted! So we went to the local shops and bought him blue button shirts, grey trousers and a blazer!

I will admit to you now that this above scenario is the best case scenario. I am not delusional. I know that completing this week as is, will be miraculous. But I am excited by the possibilities of learning with my children, travelling this journey with them as they grow each year. And I know that every fibre of my being will be dedicating to loving them, nurturing them more than I know how.

And I pray that I will do right by them, but giving them everything I have.