A wonderful thing about homeschooling is setting your own schedule. So in our homeschool, we decided to start the school year… today. 19 December 2016. We did this because we scheduled our holiday weeks around birthdays so we could go away or do something extra fun for those weeks.

Lets see how it goes.

So today was the first official day of homeschooling my beautiful family. After a few false starts in 2015 and 2016, and a lot of research (about 2-3 years worth) and a small fortune in books to excite the young mind, we started today.

And what a beautiful day… with a few hiccups.

We started the day with a little boy, Mr. 6, with a fever and feeling awful. So all the intentions of starting the day slowly with a song and prayer… turned into a very quick song and prayer and running out the door for the first available doctor’s visit. Mr. 2 did two poos in his nappies whilst we were out. (How is that even possible?)

When we got home, the classical music went on, and we started this thing called ‘homeschooling’. We stuck to the well planned out curriculum with English, Maths, Reading, History and of course, our God discussions. This all went so well, however, I understand that the first day of anything is always exciting, thus, enhancing concentration and kid’s willingness to learn.  We would have incorporated a physical element today, but Mr. 6 wanted to be home in PJs (don’t you just love homeschool then, you can change things).

But something unexpected came from today, which was so beautiful.

We finished all we had to do in 2 hours. I had scheduled it for 4.

We cuddled for about an hour, each child having about 20 mins each whilst I affirmed them with words of love (such a good discovery, must do this every single day).

We read books for hours! Fun books like Ruby Red Shoes, science books (Dorling Kindersley anyone?), Gillian Cross’ Homer, and Emma Thompson’s inspired Beatrix Potter). All the while, we were engaged with each other. We cuddled more.

We had a dance party with toys and acted out the Trolls movie we saw in the weekend.

And the whole time, there was no rushing. It was a day full of rest, full of taking our time with each other, learning with one another and just soaking in each other’s time and love for one another.

Eventually we put our bed mattresses out into the lounge room, and just lay there laughing and spent a great amount of meaningful time connecting.

Wow. What a beautiful day.

So we have new subjects for our homeschool.

  1. Cuddles and words of affirmation time
  2. Stillness and relaxation time
  3. Silliness and crazy time
  4. Quiet reflection and prayer time (by yourself)

I also discovered that we have about 10 Read/CD books and it would be useful to have a CD player and headphones so anyone could retreat and do this on their own, instead of the whole room listening to this story that goes ‘BLING’ every 2 mins.

Just to see my children so content, so full of life and connected with me… brought tears to my eyes just putting them to bed and loving every single minute with them… never once feeling that they were a burden or that things were too hard.

I just felt that I had all the time in the world to answer all their questions. Mr. 6 asked me a very smart question, basically asking if the ice age or meteor killed all the dinosaurs, how did God then create humans, or did we exist during the time of dinosaurs and somehow were smart enough to survive. What. A. Question.

And a beautiful moment when dad came home, and asked the kids how their day went, and they told him about the golden Denari (Ancient Roman coins) they made and how it was money used back in Jesus’ days…

I am still thinking about it all, and hopefully after a few months, I’ll be able to pen down why it is that I feel this way.. the satisfaction with being with them, and how today… I just couldn’t get enough of them… Surely it must have something to do with family connectedness and regaining back what hurry and rushing took away…

Such a beautiful day.