This is an adaptation of the ‘Telling God’s Story’ Prayer Hands craft activity, specifically talking about persistent prayer from Luke 8:1-8.

Materials Needed:
1. Baking Paper
2. Wax Crayons
3. Laminator and Laminator sheets
4. Sequence
5. Clear Sticky Tape (Shiny, not matte)
6. String (twine, wool etc)
7. Curtain rod or long branch (long branch would look better but we couldn’t find one this week)
8. Hanging nails if you wish to hang it on a wall

Please note we did this over 3 days
Day 1
1. Get some baking paper and get your child (if they are old enough) to trace their hand on the paper.
2. Shave some crayon colours on the hand. Make sure they are on the traced hand’s inside.
3. Cover this with another sheet of baking paper.
4. Carefully relocate to an ironing board, place cloth over, and iron over for about 10 seconds. No water in the iron.
5. Cut the hands out.

Day 2
6. Laminate the hands.
7. Cut them out.
8. Have your child decorate the hands with sequence and shiny things.
9. Carefully sticky-tape these down.
10. Again, cut out the hands if the tape has overlapped.

Day 3
11. Hole punch the hands.
12. Tie up the hands.
13. Locate them on the rod.
14. Hang the rod up however you would like.

It is designed to be near a window so it had a stain glass effect, however, we didn’t have an appropriate place, so placed ours on a wall.

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