What an eventful first 8 weeks. God has been blessing this little place of ours and we have a lot to be thankful for.  Lets see what the Lee family got up to this month…

We got a cat. This little dear came to us at 5 weeks of age as she was found with her brother at a construction site after they had knocked down the house. So she was a blessing, and we were told by the vet to expect a 50/50 chance of survival due to her age and being away from mum. She is now 8 weeks old and not just thriving, but knows that kids drop food whilst they eat.

Report on MR. 6


Best thing about homeschooling is this. Mr. 6 loves doing his math worksheets now… because he gets to hold his precious pet whilst he does. Miracles do happen. Get a pet cat.


Mr. 6 started circuits and electronics with this Clip Circuit toy. It’s basically like lego so he follows the instructions but gets a thrill when things just work. We have already broken one bulb from the set due to constant on/off/on/off/on/off (what did they expect from 6 year olds!) so we have to go to Bunnings to buy about 1000 bulbs. He wants to join a robotics club when he turns 7.


Along with his sister, Mr. 6 has been doing the housework by hanging up the clothes, taking them down, stacking the dishwasher, emptying the dishwasher, setting the table for dinner and clearing it. Quite interesting to watch. Sometimes it takes ages and it takes all of me to not take over.

Report on Miss 4

Gorgeous Miss 4 doesn’t have anything like a set curriculum, however, has indulged herself in her brother’s worksheets. So she wants to know how to write.

She has begun to teach herself how to write her name and my name. Her “E” and “B” delight me as the repetition reminds me of the goose from ‘Charlotte’s Web‘.  She is into drawing and her drawings of her family are her favourite topic.

For an entire week, this was her uniform. Including the mask. It was fantastic to see her venture away from the princess genre for a moment and be SpiderGirl for a week. My delight and pleasure of the week.


The Lee family decorated cup cakes once a week for the whole 4 weeks. It was their way of open creativity. Some cup cakes had one flower, and others had so many decorations, giving new meaning to eton ‘mess’ (mess all over the floor!)… But the aim here was to give them freedom of expression, as well as developing creativity and fine motor skills.

Report on Mr. 2

Mr. 2 obviously has nothing set, but watching his brother and sister learn, there is a sense of belonging when he also wants to do what they do. So this week, we finally received the most wonderful wooden sandpaper letters and numbers. These ones could be customised to have the State letter font (for us it is Victorian). Mr. 2 learnt how to read his numbers so fast just by the sensory feel and touch of the cards. He has also started to read his abcs. It is interesting to note that there is no force here, as these products are so good at helping him keep his interest that he just cannot get enough. If you have young kids and the money, I would strongly recommend these as an investment. I initially bought them for Mr. 6 and Miss 4, but I am proud as punch that Mr. 2 loves them.

We also went out bike riding with all three kids for the first time ever. I am a crazy mother and at times, I feel like it is a minor miracle that all kids are still alive today and no cars were injured in the outing that was my 3 children all on bikes, supervised by one adult. We bought Miss 4 a helmet which irresponsibly was not in this photo!

We had visitors and lots of play friends visit. Most notably was a lovely lady, Dorinda, who actually serves in Africa as a midwife. She is such a down to earth lady, and it was so great to have her come over and entertain my kids with books and conversations whilst I tuned out for a while. She also got them all in her car for a ride and drove off for a 5 minute ride. Kids had a hoot. Just as a side mention, if you ever wanted to suppose someone personally who is doing a great work for the poor people of Africa, please think of helping Dorinda financially. One day, our little family will be visiting her and hopefully helping her with her work in Africa. Thank you for visiting Dorinda!

We are now officially on holidays! 

So whilst the rest of Victoria goes back to school, we will be visiting all the beaches, zoos, museums, fun parks and yes, even a stint at the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (okay, that might be for me!). We were suppose to go away interstate to some sunny destination… but then we got a pet! Haha oops.

Watch this space for our holiday fun!