Once upon a time, there was a beautiful farm, full of life, wonder and imagination. Many plants grew on this farm, and all were taken care of with much love by their growers and gardeners. The leaders of the farm would cherish each of the things the growers and gardeners grew from the ground, because everything was seen to have a beauty all of their own.

One day, a company came to the farm, and said, “We have heard from far and wide the beauty that your farm bestows upon the land. We want your land to give us fruit, so that we can buy these from you, and you may use the money to grow more.”

The leaders of the farm were so happy, that they explained to the growers and gardeners, “We need you to grow fruit. Get your seeds to grow fruit.” So the company randomly handed out the seeds, and asked all the gardeners and the growers to grow fruit.

The growers sowed the soil, carefully planted the seeds they were given, one by one, and watered and fed them daily. They lovingly did this until one miraculous day, a shoot popped out of the seed. The growers were so very happy. They’re seed had become a plant. At that time of love, some forgot about the brief to make fruit, and simply loved their little plant.

When the plants were a little more mature, the growers started to speak to their plants and told them that fruit was what they had to grow. The plants, not fully knowing who they were as yet, were so eager that they dreamed of what kind of wonderful fruit they could all become.

But as some of the plants grew up, some of them started to show that they were not going to grow fruit. Some became spiky pines, some became very tall with long trunks, and some grew these beautiful yet useless things called flowers. And those that were celebrated, were those who grew into fruit. There were strawberries, lemons, apples, oranges, figs and a number of other fruits that made their growers so proud, and also made the plants extremely proud of themselves.

But the flowering plants were sad. “I want to be a flower, Grower. It’s just who I am. Don’t you think my fields are beautiful with the flowers I produce?” said the flowers. The Grower would reply, “Yes, of course you’re beautiful, but you’re a grown plant now, and fruit is all that the company will pay for. So you must try harder.”

The tall trees were also sad. “I want to reach for the skies, to shelter the birds and little animals, to provide a shade for you, to care for you, my Grower. Isn’t that important too?” said the trees.  The Grower would reply, “You are so caring, and that is lovely. But you’re a grown plant now, and the only way the farm can survive is if you produce fruit. So please keep trying.”

The bush with spiky pines and leafy green leaves were sad. They did not have the beauty of the flowers, the height of the trees, and yet they also did not bear fruit like the fruit trees. They didn’t even ask the Grower if they could just be themselves. They simply stayed sad, kept to themselves and always knew that they would not matter, because they did not make the fruit the grower had wanted.

The Growers pushed their seeds, fed them, and the seeds were no longer happy, because they all were pressured to be the one thing they needed to be to be praised by the Farm, the Company, and all the other Growers of the land. They wanted to be loved, accepted and treasured for who they were, but the Farm had changed, and so were the seeds’ happiness in the Farm.


One day, a few Growers spoke to each other. “Don’t you think my flowers are beautiful? Who says they should be fruit, when they produce such a lovely scent, and are so wonderfully beautiful to look at? I love my flowers and I want them to continue being flowers, ” they would say.

Some growers of fruit questioned them, “Aren’t you afraid that once their flowers die, they will have nothing to show for it? Why not get them to make fruit, so they can be sold and you and your plants will have money to do more with?”

And the Growers, who loved the flowers would reply, “I’m not afraid at all. Because they have everything that they could ever want right now, just to be loved and cherished as a flower.”