I did nothing today
No lessons, worksheets or reading
No History, Science or English
All they did was draw, watch TV and eat

I did nothing today
Last night Mr. 4 had diarrhoea
Diarrhoea throughout the day
All I did was hold him

I didn’t teach today
I held my little boy
He was in so much pain
But he calmed down at the sight of me

I didn’t read today
I held him tight and snug
He was in pain but warm and safe
It made him feel better

My other two understood
The world could have seen
They should have gone to school
That it wasn’t fair for them… to not be taught today

My other two felt empathy
And we stuck together
As a family to get through this

We learnt what it meant
To be a family

I did nothing today
According to the teaching world
But to my sick little boy
I was his world today

Because all he wanted
Was me, my time, undistracted
To know in his time of pain
My mum cares and loves me… with no other priority

I did nothing today
According to the world
But to one little boy
I did everything right today