As a homeschool mum, sometimes we can’t get enough of curriculum, books and … no, that’s about it. Books. I have a library. We have a small 3 bedroom home, and all three of our little ones are sleeping in the same room, so we have the luxury of having a library. And it’s beautiful (I just sorted it, it’s beautiful!).  But if I had to be honest, it is a bit much.

But that’s not the only thing we seem to do more of. We also put a lot of pressure on ourselves. More activities, more appointments, better schedules, better personal care (what?), I need to look good out there, slap that make up on, I need more people to like my social media feed, I need more, we need more.

And sometimes, we can drown in it.

I heard the most amazing sermon today on Restorative Routines (I shall link it here when it’s online), and the quote that struck me was this.

Choice Paralysis. 

Sometimes we have so much choice, so much we COULD do, that we are numb to it; placing our lives on autopilot because we simply don’t know how to get above all the things we have to do, should do, want to do, need to do, and there is so much out there, so much choice, more, more, the next thing may be the answer.

But it doesn’t seem to make us happy.

Ever sat in front of Netflix and flicked the down and side button for 45 mins trying to choose what you want to watch, only to choose, and not be happy with it, and just scroll on your phone whilst the movie is on? Do you remember the time when you borrowed a dvd from the video store, looked forward to watching it, then watched it? Wasn’t that better?! Didn’t that feel better?! (It did to us anyway, we’ve since cancelled our Netflix and gone back to good old borrowing dvds from our library! Its free too!)

So for 2019, its going to be my year of less.

Less buying
Being mindful of what we buy, what we spend our money on, and not buying every book, clothing, or object (or curriculum!) based on an emotional feeling, or if we possibly may find it useful. Less buying also means less clutter…

Less clutter
Time spent managing our things, or time spent connecting with our family? I know which one I would rather. Start to declutter, organise, and ensure everything has a place in the home. It can be so freeing when all of our things have a spot, a home, a place to belong. We don’t lose things, and if frees up more time for the important connections within families, rather than spending our time finding things or finding ways to manage our things.

Less social scrolling
How much of our time is spent scrolling through feeds that don’t actually matter to our lives, but we are in the habit of doing so. I’ve found myself many times this year, with a gorgeous beautiful face asking me a question, and my eyes glued to a screen. I will not lie. I am addicted to my phone. And it needs to stop. Because I’m missing some very crucial moments with my beautiful children. Also, seeing only the highlights of people’s lives can sometimes bring a strange sadness to us when we think our lives just don’t stack up. I know my life is pretty awesome. It doesn’t need to be on social media for it to be so. My approval and recognition comes from the hearts and joy in my families lives. It needs to.

Less make up
I once wore no make up. People asked me all day, if I was feeling okay, I looked tired. I wore make up most days from that point. What I hadn’t realised, was that I probably was really tired, and on my period, and probably didn’t sleep well.
However, the comments did make me think I needed to make more effort.
But I’m finding that I spend time making myself look great on the outside, what I want to do more than ever, is spend that time with God and with my family. I want to do things that better my body, my soul and my mind.
My children have always said I look the same, and to be honest, their opinion is what matters most to me.

Less food
Mindless eating sometimes leaves us feeling too full, feeling regret or feeling horrible. I want to be much more mindful with my eating, to ensure that I fuel my body, and not just feed my emotions.

And more importantly… Less Stress
See, all these things lead to less stress.
If the clutter is gone, I have more time to enjoy my space. I have more time as I won’t be managing my things.
If there is less buying, I have more financial freedom and less financial debt worries.
If there is social scrolling, I have more attention on my family, my friends and those who matter most.
If I have less food, I won’t worry about my weight. That’s a massive thing to let go.
If I have less make up, my mindset is less on what people think of me, and more on what I can do for them. 

More Time. 
More Joy. 
More Freedom.
More Attention.

More, of what matters most. 

Lets rock 2019.